Martha Stewart Video Clip

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(Excerpt from a 15 minute feature on Peanutbutter)

Show of Faces

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Coming Up….

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04.01.17- Saturday Evening……..April Fool’s Day Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA • www.paintedbride.org/‎  

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What We Do Best…(and don’t do)

Welcome to Peanutbutter's Traveling Troup!! The painted faces under Show of Faces represent the work that he and his group of artists "perform" at parties. Made-up, costumed, and seated at a table with all their theatrical make-ups, feathers, and jewels, these well-trained, articulate and schmooozie artists adorn the guests. Each face or head takes no more than 12 minutes. Most less than five. The artists work the personality of the guest into their design. The make-up is all water-based, non-toxic, and washes off simply with soap and water. They normally begin during the cocktail hour and work non-stop for the duration of the party. The artists not only look like fun. They are fun. They make fun. Even more importantly, the performing artists and their work energize the guests into creating their own fun. (Sorry, but if you are looking for someone to paint logos or repeatable, stenciled designs on people's cheeks, arms or foreheads, we are not a good choice. Since 1978, we have prided ourselves on creating specific designs and patterns for each guest. We try to never repeat ourselves, as no two faces are identical. )