Welcome to Peanutbutter’s Traveling Troupe

We DECORATE people. We adorn them. We enhance their look, their self-image, and strive to make each person feel happier, more delighted, more elegant, more funky, more sexy, more spirited than before they sat down. Peanutbutter started this whole phenomenon in 1979, working clubs like Studio 54, Emerald City, Elan, Second Story, The Catacombs, Scintillations, Ciao, among others. He expanded to Bloomingdales, Henri Bendel, and with that expansion, trained numerous artists over the years to replicate the techniques and the spirit of facial and body adornment. The Peanut Team or 20 + artists has been flown all over the country to parties at Cisco, AOL, People's Soft, Universal Studios, and celebrity parties for Cher, Calvin Klein, Annie Leibovitz, Donna Karan, blah, blah, blah... It's not all fancy-schmantzy shindigs. Peanutbutter has a range of artists from newer to very experienced artists, so the company can accommodate the teeniest birthday party to a major event of 16 artists, like the TrBeCa Film Festival (12 years straight). Call or email to see what your event needs.

Peanutbutter in Three Nutshells

Our Specialty

We specialize in elaborate, decorative face and body painting, using airbrush to create visual effects not possible by hand painting alone. We enhance these rainbow-like blends and crisp lines with beads, rhinestones, and feathers. We engage the individual being decorated and design unique patterns and textures to fit not just their face, but to match their hair, clothing, and personality. On a conservative woman, for example, we might just attach rhinestones above the eye, and adhere feathers delicately placed in the hair. A bald guy, usually the most adventurous (nothing more to lose!), the entire top could be painted to look 3 dimensional, with huge pearl cabochons holding vertical red coque feathers. A woman's open-back or neck could have some colorful abstract pattern to match her dress, hair, conforming to her chest, shoulder blade or dress cut. If you're looking for "Pick Your Face or Pick Your Design", from a display board, we are NOT for you. No two faces in 30-50 in a night or afternoon are the same. Since 1978, we have prided ourselves on creating specific designs and patterns for each guest. We try to never repeat ourselves, as no two faces are identical.

Fun Faces

All the painted faces here represent the work that Peanutbutter and his group of artists "perform" at parties. Made-up, costumed, and seated at a table with all their theatrical make-ups, feathers, and jewels, these well-trained, articulate and schmooozie artists adorn the guests. Each face or head takes no more than 12 minutes. Most less than five. The artists work the personality of the guest into their design. The make-up is all water-based, non-toxic, and washes off simply with soap and water. They normally begin during the cocktail hour and work non-stop for the duration of the party. The artists not only look like fun. They are fun. They make fun. Even more importantly, the performing artists and their work energize the guests into creating their own fun.


Peanutbutter, the Person

Peanutbutter, aka Robert Woodward, has been painting people since 1978. Peanutbutter himself has performed in France, at Seibu department stores in Tokyo(1983), in India, Bali, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Bloomingdales, NYC, Henri Bendel, The Corcoran Museum in D.C., Laumier Sculpture Center in St. Louis, Puerto Rico, Milano, at the Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy, among many others. He has painted nude bodies for Calvin Klein, Annie Leibowitz, and Cher. He was featured on Martha Stewart in 2000. (See Martha & Peanut's Love Affair above)

Peanutbutter is a sculptor, painter, quilter, and jeweler. He has received 4 art grants in the last three years for painting and sculpture, including one from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, SEPTA Art-in-Transit , and the University of Pennsylvania. He was awarded a fellowship in 2000 by the USIA, and spent 5 weeks in Aleppo, Syria, doing photo workshops, and exhibiting. He just returned from an art fellowship and group exhibition in Myanmar (Burma). He has a BA in microbiology from the University of Pennsylvania.  He works and resides in Philadelphia.